Swara Yoga




Swara Yoga

This book takes a detailed view of the Swara Yoga concepts of the Indian Yoga tradition. These teachings bring together Yogic and Tantric perspectives as they deal with Universal energies flowing through the medium of the all-important breath. The modern equivalent of Swara is the nasal cycle which is an ultradian rhythm of nasal congestion and decongestion with a quasi-periodicity of 60 to 240 minutes. Vedic science dealing with nasal cycle and its functions is Swarodaya Vigjnan (swara = sonorous sound produced by airflow through nostrils, udaya = functionality, and vigjnan = knowledge). Traditional Indian cultural iconographic description of Lord Shiva as Ardhanarishwara has Shakti (femininity) depicted as the left half of the body while Shiva (masculinity) is the right half. Such notion of left-right, female-male duality is common in oriental traditional medicine as also in western alchemy. This book serves as a noble guide for all dedicated and sincere students and practitioners of Yoga who wish to expand their perspective of Yoga beyond just Asana. Those who wake up in consciousness and realize that, “what we know is just a handful, what we have to yet learn is infinite like the Universe”.


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